Coverage Details

  • What do you cover?
    The ezTech24 protection plan covers malfunctions and failures that occur during normal product use. We also cover accidental damage during normal product use.
  • How does your coverage work with my manufacturer's warranty? When will my warranty start for a new item?
    On new items, our coverage starts from the date of item purchase. Since you purchased your item as new, some part of this period will overlap with the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Can I get coverage for my refurbished or used item?
    ezTech24 offers plans directly for new and used items. Some of our resellers offer protection plans on refurbished items, given that the item was also purchased through that reseller.
  • Do you offer coverage for accidents like drops and spills?
    Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) coverage is available for all items. This coverage is in addition to our base coverage against item failures, and protects your unit against drops, spills, and other accidents that occur during normal usage.
  • What do you cover?
    The ezTech24 covers mechanical or electrical failures that occur during normal use. You get 100% parts and labor coverage with zero deductibles.Drops, spills, and other accidents are covered if you purchase Accidental Damage 
  • Do you cover iPhones?
    Yes, ezTech24 covers all iphones and smartphones. View Protection Plans page for details.
  • I live in Canada. Can I get your coverage?
    Currently our protection plans are not available for resident of Canada or any country outside of the United States. 
  • When does my coverage start on a refurbished item?
    Our coverage on refurbished items begins 60 days after the date the item was purchased, or at the expiration of any manufacturer's or seller's warranty, whichever is later.  You'll receive the full coverage of length purchased. 
  • What makes your coverage unique?
    The ezTech24 protection plan has some unique features that other extended warranties don't: We are able to keep our prices low, because we cut out the middle man and pass those savings on to you! No shipping necessary because we have local service providers in your area, No deductible, 100% replacements and labor costs are covered by us.
  • What does the Standard Protection Plan cover?
    The ezTech24 standard protection plans cover hardware only, manufacturer defects, system faults, and battery faults. 

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